Yusuke Torita

Makes the Sea of Japan (Tajima & Tango) his home ground. Over 12 years experience jigging, mainly a run-and-gunner. Focuses mainly on maintaining his own pattern rather than the number or type of the catch.

Keiji Ootomo

Boss of the gUmizoku Familyh lure fishing aficionado club. Despite appearances, he is a warm-hearted leader and takes great care looking after the clubfs members. Get him going on squid jigging, and youfll have him talking for hours. But he doesnft limit himself to squid jigging. He is an accomplished fisherman in both salt and freshwater.

Masateru Masuda

The man in love with bigfin reef squid; the model weekend squid jigger youfll find around Wakasa. Caught the 3.2 kg squid on the 2008 Tanegashima expedition, and can also boast of having caught a 220 pound billfish.