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2009 new product


MM Purple/Purple

Purple body with yellow line as an accent is wrapped by purple cloth. This color appeals the most underwater, and correspond any luminous intensity. We recommend usage of during sunrise and sunset time.


AM Aji/Purple

Tester Otomofs special version. Bluish metallic purple body wrapped with cloth horse mackerel pattern printed on. This appeals well because purple is the one of limited color squid can recognize as a color!


EF Earth/Green

Tester Masudafs Special version. Ultimate earth color gGREENh body is covered with cloth shrimp pattern mildly printed in green on the back. It surely appeals to be alive not only under clear water but also grassy point.


AN Aji/Rainbow

Tester Toritafs special version. Rainbow body wrapped with pearly net cloth resemble to a scale. Designed to attract squid under calm conditions. We recommend this product to use in daytime.


AK Aji/Black

Sumizokufs original coal black body which blend with the surroundings in a dark, and strongly fascinate in daytime by color contrast.